Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Girl Of My Dreams Started Living With Me And Now I Don't Know What To Do [Part 3]

Hey guys, this will be my final update on the whole doppelganger gf situation. The short story is that me and her are good, everything is going well, and I was just overreacting. She loves me, and I love her.

Now for the longer story, when I last updated you guys it was after I found out that the “real” Sarah had gone missing in Mexico despite the fact that Sarah was sleeping beside me. For the next few days, I was in a slump, I didn’t know what to do and I wasn’t sure how to proceed with Sarah. She picked up on that and asked me if I was alright but I just kept saying that I was feeling a little under the weather and needed a bit of space until I recovered. Fortunately, she bought that and I had some time to figure out my next move.

I posted my update on Reddit while she was at work and that night when she fell asleep, I scrolled through the replies and one caught my eye. It said that I should check out her family, and if they thought it was Sarah then I would know for sure who was real and who was fake. I thought that was a great idea and kept it in my mind as I fell asleep.

The next day was pretty normal until supper, at which point things started to feel even more tense then they had been. We ate in silence until Sarah suddenly took a deep breath and looked up at me:

“Corey, I think we really need to talk,”

“What’s wrong?”

“Everything Corey, we’ve barely talked the last little bit, I know you haven’t been feeling well but I’m really starting to think that you just don’t want to be with me. You know you can tell me if you’re not feeling this, it’ll hurt but you can tell me.” Her voice cracked a little while she said this and it made my heart sink,

“Sarah, no, it’s not like that, I want to be with you, its all I’ve wanted for a long time,”

“Then why are you acting like this? Why are you so distant?”

“Look…” I sighed, “obviously I haven’t been feeling well, and that’s part of it. This has all happened so quickly too, I guess its just caught me off guard. But trust me, I do want this,”

“You do?”


“Then SHOW me,” her voice cracked again, “I need to know for sure that this is what you want,”

Suddenly things clicked in my head, “Here… I’m starting to feel a little better, how about this weekend we go out and you can introduce me to your parents,”

“You want to meet my parents?” She perked up a bit,

“Yeah, I mean they might very well be my in-laws,” I smiled,

Sarah walked up and hugged me, squeezing me tightly, “Thank you Corey, I’m sorry I was doubting you,”

“I’m sorry too,”

“You know…” she smirked a little, “isn’t it a little weird to meet my parents before we’ve even had sex?”

I gulped a little, “I’m just a traditional guy I guess,”

Sarah frowned a bit and sat back down to finish her meal. However, after dinner she got more excited and set things up with her parents. That night I had trouble sleeping, she didn’t seem to be defensive about her family, in fact she seemed enthusiastic. If she wasn’t the real Sarah then wouldn’t she be scared of me meeting her folks and the ruse unravelling?

Soon the day came and the two of us drove together out of the city and out onto her parent’s farm. The drive was about an hour long and, despite my anxiety, really felt normal. Me and her laughed and joked around like we always used to, back before any of this happened. At one point, when the conversation lulled a bit, she looked at me with a soft smile and said “I can’t wait for you to meet my parents…” and despite being on guard I have to admit that my heart melted.

The two of us walked up to her parent’s place and they welcomed us both with open arms. That night we all sat around and got to know each other, had a delicious dinner, and shared some drinks. Her parents mentioned that Sarah had talked about me lots before, and that they were happy she had moved on from her ex-fiancé, who they said they didn’t like at all. The thing that struck me about the visit was how normal it was, there was no sign anything was up, and it completely allayed my fears about Sarah.

While we drove home that night Sarah was extremely happy and affectionate. She rubbed my thigh while we made our way down the highway and flashed her little grin again:

“So… now that you’ve met my parents, what do you want to do when we get home?”

I looked over at her. She looked amazing in her outfit and after all that I had seen with her work and her family I was convinced that this was the Sarah I had been pining over for all these years.

“Something we should’ve done a long time ago,”

As we got back into our house, she was all over me, kissing me passionately. We quickly made it to our room and she started taking off her clothes and urged me to do the same. She crawled into the bed and beckoned me to join her. As I went to embrace her, I noticed that her phone was sitting on the nightstand and that it had lit up. There was a text message from her father that read something like “we were so sure we had lost you,” but by that point I was barely paying attention.

After the deed was done, I looked over at Sarah and realized just how much I loved her. All shred of doubt and worry was gone, replaced with a deep affection that permeated my entire being. It wasn’t that she was mine, but I was hers. At that moment I knew that I was going to spend the rest of my life with her, giving her everything she desired. I laid back down on the bed and glanced back to the nightstand. Sarah’s phone had lit up again, this time for a news alert, apparently in Cancun they had just discovered a body, mutilated and disfigured beyond any recognition.

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