Sunday, November 7, 2021

For Two Decades I Investigated Paranormal Reports Online for the Government, Now I'm Ready to Share What I Found [Part 2]

 Hello everyone, Frank Kennedy here again with another case from my days investigating the paranormal online. Nannies are an interesting thing, on the one hand we trust them to help raise our precious children, hoping that they can be there when we cannot. Yet, at the same time, we are giving our children over to the care of a complete stranger, and in the case of this nanny, that stranger was particularly strange indeed.

The following was posted on a general discussion forum in the mid-2000’s, in reply to the topic “What is your weirdest or creepiest unexplained childhood memory?”:

Oh boy, do I have a strange one for you guys. When I was a little kid, like 6 or 7, my family lived in Houston. My parents were both well-off, they worked as executives for the same company, and as a result they didn’t get to spend a lot of time with me as they were always working late or having to come in. As a result they decided to hire a nanny to watch over me, I guess so they wouldn’t feel so guilty.

The nanny they got was named Jen, and I really liked her right from the get go. She was pretty young, I remember her telling me that she was going to college. It was nice though, I was an only child but I always imagined that our relationship was like what it’d be to have an older sister. She would pick me up from school every weekday, help me with any school work, and then we would play and watch cartoons until my parents got home.

I remember overhearing her talking to my parents and them asking if I was behaving myself, but they never had to worry, I liked Jen so much I wouldn’t have dreamt of getting her mad at me. I think she liked me too, she always seemed so happy to see me, and she used to tell me all about her life and childhood. She told me about a friend she had had when she was my age and how they used to spend all day playing with each other. It was weird though, she said the two of them hadn’t talked in years, and then one day she told me that her friend had come back into her life. After that she would always talk about him and I remember it made little kid me jealous.

One day when she came over she seemed even happier then normal. We were sitting on the couch watching TV when she told me that her and her friend were going to be going on a big trip. She seemed so excited. I asked her if that meant she was leaving me and she giggled and said that after two weeks she’d be back and we could play more. That made me happy, but it turned out to not be the case. A week after that night my parents sat me down to talk with me. I remember they had a really grave look on their faces. They told me that their work had changed and so we were all going to be moving away. I asked if Jen could come with us and their faces seemed to get even more grim. “Sorry, I don’t think so, champ” I remember my dad saying as he left the room, his voice cracked when he said it.

Over the course of the next month my parents and I packed up our stuff and moved to the Denver suburbs. It was really hard at first, moving so far away, and I remember I used to think about Jen a lot, and how I missed her.

One day, I was home by myself after school and the doorbell rang. I opened the door and nearly burst into tears, Jen was there! I was so happy. She was too, she told me how much she missed me, and explained that she had moved into the area and was more then happy to look after me again. It was odd though, because she told me that no matter what I couldn’t tell my parents about her. I was so happy to see her that I swore I wouldn’t let them know.

After that day she would come over about once a week, on the days my parents were gone the longest. She told me that I had grown so much bigger then she last saw me and after we were done playing for the day she would give me a “test” she called it. She would hand me a heavy metal rod and told me to hold onto it with both hands, then a bright light would flash and she would take it back.

This went on a for a few months, with her visiting me and testing me. One day though, we were sitting on the couch watching cartoons when the front door opened. My parents walked in and my mom gasped, and asked me who I was sitting with. I told them it was Jen and as my mom walked around the couch and saw her she screamed. My dad rushed towards Jen and I grabbed her hair out of reflex. Jen pulled back and I could feel her scalp give. My parents and I froze as Jen’s face fell to the ground with a moist squishing sound.

I looked up at Jen, she covered her face with her hands but it wasn’t really her face. Whatever was behind her hands had green skin. I screamed in terror, and “Jen” shrieked too, in a way that sounded totally inhuman. She rushed out of the back door with my dad hot on her heels, but she managed to get away.

When my dad returned he called the police and they came and took away the face that was laying on the living room floor. Shortly afterwards my parents decided to move again, to Oregon, and they told me that if I ever saw Jen again, to call the police and refuse to let her in.”


After being made aware of this post it was my job to find any leads that may corroborate the story. Nothing truly concrete could be found, as I was unable to track down OP or his family, however, I was able to find some events that seemed connected to the case. Reports of strange lights around Colorado in 1995, and similar reports from Houston earlier in the year, around the same time that Houston police found a young woman’s body with her face and scalp completely removed.

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