Sunday, November 10, 2002

I Heard This True Story from a Friend of a Friend, Send to Five Other Friends or Have Bad Luck for 30 Seconds

Haley closed the door behind her and made sure to lock it tight. She was housesitting for her aunt and uncle and this was her first time alone at night in the city. When her parents had scolded her about the dangers of being alone at night she had just rolled her eyes, she was 18, an adult, she could take care of herself, but the drive in had managed to spook her. Bored of Spotify she flipped on the car’s radio only to hear an emergency broadcast: a violent killer was on the loose. He liked to target young woman while they were home alone, burglarizing the house and then doing unspeakable things before and after killing his victim. It was so gruesome it couldn’t escape Haley’s mind, and though her aunt and uncle lived in a nice area, she made sure every into the house was locked.

Besides, she had someone there to protect her, her dog Rex. Rex was a big German Shephard, and more then capable of scaring off any intruders. While her nerves were high, by the time bed time rolled around Haley had relaxed quite a bit, and went off to her room with Rex in tow. Just like at home Rex crawled under the bed and Haley quickly fell asleep.

A few hours had passed when Haley suddenly awoke to a crashing sound. Her heart pounded, but she reminded herself that she had locked everything up. Wait. Wait. Her heart raced faster and faster as it dawned on her that she hadn’t locked the basement window. There was a way in. Her body trembled, but she forced herself to calm down. She did lock the basement door, she should still be safe. For reassurance she dropped her arm down and Rex gave her a happy little lick on her hand.

The rest of her nights sleep was spotty, she would wake up anxious, but Rex was always there to give her a lick. Finally dawn creaked into room and Haley slowly got up out of bed. Still a little anxious she dropped down her arm and got one last lick. She smiled and walked out of the room, only to freeze in terror. Rex was sleeping in the middle of the living room. Her heart palpitated. What was licking her hand all night? She raced back into the room, kitchen knife in hand, and peered under the bed. There it was. The thing that had been licking her all night. Mr. Snuffles, her aunts cat.

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