Monday, November 11, 2002

The Surprise Waiting at Lover's Lane

The couple sat in silence for a painfully long time. Derek didn’t know what to think. Him and Cindy had been dating for exactly three years, today was their anniversary, and for two teenagers that might as well have been an eternity. He took her out to the fanciest restaurant in town, and then topped that off with a trip to the movies to watch the cheesiest romantic comedy he could find. He could hardly stand it, but he knew Cindy loved them. After that they drove here, to the cliff overlooking their little hometown. The view was lovely, and private, with trees lining the whole lot. Derek wasn’t exactly sure how a romantic evening like that should end, per se, but he was certain that it wasn’t supposed to be this awkward. Him and Cindy were sitting in silence. Did she not like the dinner? Did she not like the movie? What gave?

Derek sighed. He turned on the radio, maybe that would ease the tension. The music made things a bit more bearable until it was violently interrupted by an urgent warning. A killer was on the loose, having just escaped from prison everyone was to be on high alert. The announcer said he was known to prowl at night, attacking lone cars and killing their occupants with a trademark scythe.

Derek turned the radio off and it dawned on him. That must be it. Cindy must have heard the news earlier and now I’ve brought her to somewhere where she doesn’t feel safe, silly me. Derek started the car and pulled out of the parking space and back on the road. Cindy stayed silent, but seemed to ease up a bit.

Finally they got back to her house. Derek got out of the car and walked over to get the door for Cindy. When he got there he froze. Wrapped around the handle of the car door was… football tickets:

“Oh my god, the Browns! Cindy! That’s my favorite team!”

Cindy rolled down the window, “I know honey, I double checked with your dad before I got them,” her eyes got a little misty, “I’m so glad your happy, I wanted it to be a surprise but I got so nervous I just couldn’t talk, I know you put so much effort into our date and I’m sorry I ruined it,”

Derek smiled, “You couldn’t ruin an evening with you if you tried, I love you,”

“I love you too,”

With that the two kissed, marking the third of what would come to be over 60 anniversaries.

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