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For Two Decades I Investigated Paranormal Reports Online for the Government, Now I'm Ready to Share What I Found [Part 4]

Hey guys, Frank Kennedy here. I’ve shared a few of my cases now and I am thrilled with the response they have gotten. Your enthusiasm and comments have been awesome. One thing many of you have been inquiring about is whether I was involved in any big “conspiracy”, beyond just trawling the internet for the paranormal. The short answer is no, after all, misleading and misinforming the American public was a different department ;). The long answer, however, is a bit more complicated. While I was not directly involved in anything like that, there have been times when some of the more “interesting” parts of the intelligence apparatus have unearthed things relevant to what it is that I did. This case that I’m going to share with you might be a bit different from past ones; a bit more technical, a bit more involved. However, I think it will help all of you understand the forces at work both with the powers that be, and perhaps with the powers that may or may not be.

So it starts with one of the few more covert actions of our government that I am privy too. In 2008 there was a leak to a UFO forum of a document known as the “16Hz Report”. The document was the result of highly classified research, done by two scientists whose very existence was kept under wraps. As we all know, the US government was not afraid of letting scientists from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan to live free from the consequences of their horrific actions so long as their results were useful to American interests. However, in the case of these two scientists, while their research was of incredible importance, the way they gathered their results was so horrific that the US could not publicly admit that they were alive, and thus they continued their research covertly, on American military bases.

You see, there is a phenomenon of this planet known as the Schumann Resonance. Electromagnetic resonances that cover the earth. They are observed as peaks at around 8Hz in the electromagnetic spectrum. In Nazi Germany, one Dr. Heinrich Leitner discovered another resonance at 16Hz. This discovery was also made independently in Japan by a Dr. Hide Ikeda. After the war the two would be paired together and the resonance would be dubbed the Leitner-Ikeda Resonance for the few people who knew of it. This resonance emerged from animals with a significant number of neurons in their brain. Thus, Leitner and Ikeda had discovered a frequency that connected all sufficiently sophisticated life on earth. Furthermore, and what caused them to be wiped from the history books, they found that when an advanced organism – a dog, a cat, a human being, was killed, the resonance would not fully disappear, but rather slowly drop down to 8Hz, returning to the Schumann Resonance. The report that was leaked described all this, and then suggested that this resonance could be used to detect extraterrestrial life, assuming that all sufficiently complex beings have it.

So, this document was leaked to a UFO forum. The powers that be decided to scrub it clean from the internet. They succeeded, and the man who leaked it was dealt with. Where I come in is a series of videos they found on YouTube at the time. Though the footage was graphic, the lax moderation and sheer insanity of what was depicted meant that until the government found them, they were left up by the site. Unfortunately the actual copies of the videos did not survive my involuntary retirement. Fortunately, I have descriptions of them from my personal notes, which I will now share:

Video 1

A young man looks into the camera, he has curly black hair and his face is pockmarked with acne and scarring. He seems erratic as he speaks. He describes the Leitner-Ikeda Resonance and how it is connected with the Schumann Resonance. He produces a device and shows it to the camera. It consists of a display and a type of probe. When he turns it on we can see on a small LCD screen display a measurement of 8Hz, the Schumann Resonance. The man leaves the camera for a moment and then returns with a cat and a gun. He places the probe near the cat and the LCD screen shows the measurement jump to 16Hz. The man describes more details about the two resonances as he aims the gun. The device remains in frame. With a loud pop the gun goes off. The cat screams loudly. The measurement slowly drops from 16Hz to 8. The man in the video seems pleased.

Video 2

The young man appears again, this time with an elderly man in a wheelchair beside him. The elderly man looks glassy-eyed and confused. The young man asks “How are you Grandpa?” to no response. The man then holds up his instrument to the elderly man and shows the 16Hz reading. He then proceeds to produce a pillow and slowly smothers the old man, who puts up no real fight. Eventually the old mans stomach stops moving and the instrument shows the 16Hz reading drop down to 8. The young man observes these results and seems elated.

Video 3

The young man talks to the camera. He discusses how his “experiments” have confirmed what the leaked report said. He seems euphoric, almost to the point of mania. The device is in frame, showing an 8Hz reading. At one point the man gets up and leaves frame for a moment. As the man leaves the device shoots up to a 16Hz reading and the audible sound of a cat meowing can be heard. The young man starts walking back into frame and the meowing turns to a growl before suddenly stopping. The reading returns to 8Hz.

Video 4

The young man makes note of the strange happenings of the last video and resolves to leave the camera running to see if he can catch anything similar. He leaves the frame and a short time-lapse occurs before the footage shows the device reading 16Hz again, and a nearby chair starts to move on its own.

Video 5

The young man appears shirtless. He describes how he woke up that morning in pain. He then directs the audience toward the severe scratches covering his abdomen. They appear like cat scratches but deeper. As he shows the scratches to the camera, the device, with its probe far away from the man, shows a reading of 16Hz, but only for a few, non-consecutive, frames.

Video 6

The young man is teary eyed and looking into the camera. He says he feels something is after him. He apologizes to the camera. He apologizes again. He turns his head and a very deep cut can be seen on the back of his neck. He begs the camera for forgiveness. The device shows nothing unusual.

Final Video (Recovered from camera at scene)

The young man appears again. He has heavy bags under his eyes as if he hasn’t slept. His words are so slurred and disoriented they can barely be made out. He appears to be muttering “I’m sorry” over and over again. The device is still in frame. It shoots up to 16Hz. The man is pushed out of his chair, a book flies across the room at him. He yells “I’M SORRY!” at the top of his lungs. The gun used to kill the cat floats into frame, hovering in the air. The man yells “I’M SO FUCKING SORRY!” the gun tilts up and fires in the air. The young man begs “PLEASE, DON’T DO THIS!” the gun slowly tilts downward towards the young man. The man shouts “GRANDPA PLEASE!” before the gun goes off, once, twice, three times. The gun falls to the ground. The device’s reading returns to 8Hz. The video goes on in silence for several minutes before the young man crawls up to where the camera and device are. As he places his bloodied hand near the probe it measures 16Hz again. The man’s breathing is strained, and as it starts to weaken the devices reading starts to decline slowly. Suddenly the man’s breath stops and the measurement declines to 8Hz, but then it continues to decline until it hits 0. It stays at 0 for the rest of the video, which ends when the camera runs out of memory.


The final video was recovered by an intelligence team who found the YouTube videos and tracked down the posters location. I wasn’t there. I was only made aware of all this when it was decided that these events should be referred to me for further investigation. One of the members of the investigation team joined me on this endeavor. After reviewing the footage I chuckled a little to myself. The agent asked me why. I explained that despite all the terrible things this guy had done to prove this crazy theory, in the end he actually disproved it. After all, when he died, his resonance didn’t return to 8Hz, it completely disappeared. The agent looked at me gravely and told me something that left a chill down my spine. He said that when they recovered the body they found a book on the ground, a bible, it was laying there open, and the pages were stained with blood, except for one verse: Matthew 10:28 “Don’t be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul. Fear only God, who can destroy both soul and body in hell”.

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